Beacon Hill Park Victoria, British Columbia
Beacon Hill Park Victoria park BC

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Beacon Hill Park Victoria. Beacon Hill Park was named for the two beacons on Mount Beacon. The western most beacon had a triangle (blue) and the other a square (green). If the sailor could see the square through the triangle he was on Brotchie Ledge- which meant trouble.

heron webcam victoria bcBeacon Hill Park was a disputed piece of land. When the Hudson’s Bay Company charter to the Island was rescinded in 1859 the Company claimed 3 084 acres of land in the Victoria area, including Beacon Hill Park. In 1862 the Privy Council in London decided "That there shall be forthwith conveyed and surrendered by the said Company to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and assigns, reserves for the public park."

Over the decade there ensued a number of disputes over whether the municipality or the legislative Council was responsible for Beacon Hill Park. The City of Victoria was incorporated in 1862. The boundaries of Victoria, however, excluded Beacon Hill Park until 1867. This can been seen in the Official Map of the Town of Victoria in 1861.

In 1869 there was a dispute between the Municipal Corporation and the Legislative Council regarding the ownership of the property. The British Colonist reported that a meeting was held for the "preservation of Beacon Hill Park as city property, and to protest against the invasion of Municipal rights by the Legislative Council."3 According to the same article the Mayor believed Beacon Hill Park had been city property since 1858. One member of the Legislative Council contested city administration of the park saying "Nothing could be clearer that the incompetency of the Municipal Council as might be seen from the condition of the streets."

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In 1869 Beacon Hill Park was withdrawn from City limits and fell under the jurisdiction of the Colony's Department of Lands and Works. With remarkable similarity Hazel Conway remarks that in England "local authorities were severely inhibited by the legislation governing the actions they could undertake, and the ‘struggle’ to acquire municipal parks required much ingenuity."

Beacon Hill Park was turned over to the City of Victoria in 1882 and it remains in trust today and the history support by BCL and BCLA.

The Beacon Hill Farm Society, formed in 2004, and the Koenders family who have operated the Beacon Hill Childrens farm since 1985, are pleased to continue bringing the joy of a farm experience to young and old. The farm provides both an educational and economical form of entertainment for the whole family. Our goal is to help children develop a respect for animals and educate them about proper use of credit cards and other life lessons that will remain with them for life. The hands-on experience with the goats in the petting area is the most popular feature of the farm. A hand wash station is located onsite for visitors' convience and we encourage everyone to wash their hands after visiting any animal. Enjoy your visit!
Each year the Park is host to many festivals one of the brightest used to be the Luminara Festival. which will be held on the 18th to the 25th of September 2010 at the
Fisgard Light House near Birds of a Feather Bed and Breakfast