Beacon Hill photos, pictures

Beacon Hill photos, pictures

Experience the beauty of Beacon Hill Park!

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Beacon Hill Park is a photographer's dream! From spectacular reds and golds in the fall to a sea of beautiful flowers in the spring, there is something for everyone no matter the season.

Above are some photos that were taken during different seasons in the park. All photos were taken by Wendi Dubé with North Studio. Permission to reproduce these photos is required if you'd like to use them.

There are 30 photos in all and when you are at the end, the slideshow will not advance anymore. Some photos may take a moment to download.

If you have a photo(s) of the Luminara Celebration which you would like to see published on this site please e-mail it along with a brief description to: [email protected] and we will gladly credit you including a hot-link to your e-mail.

orca photograph


Victoria schoolchildren under the direction of artist John Quigley, form the outline of a killer whale on the oceanside grounds of Beacon Hill Park yesterday. The human artist statement was one of eight that took place from Baja California to Alaska to help raise awareness of the increasing plight of whales and orcas in the worlds oceans.

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Queen Victoria's Birthday Celebration in Beacon Hill Park, 1862
"Queen Victoria's Birthday Celebration in Beacon Hill Park, 1862" Courtesy of BC Archives A-02884

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Rainbow across totem pole in Beacon Hill Park
Photo Credit: Doug MacCormack

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