Beacon Hill park

Beacon Hill park


Victoria Luminara - Saturday, July 25 2009

Fun was had by all see you next year September 18th to the 25th at Fisgard Light House the new home for Luminara convieniently located near by, a great bed and breakfast, Birds of a Feather!

Luminara 2007 Photos

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luminara Victoria lantern celebration luminara Victoria lantern celebration luminara Victoria lantern celebration

Imagine if you will, a stroll in the park on a warm summer night, the darkness gently pushed back by the glow of thousands of colourful handmade lanterns. While many are carried by those who attend the event, many more are part of the numerous and imaginative installations scattered throughout the park. They tantalize with their intoxicating blend of shadow, light and colour. Accoustic music gently drifts through the park while performance artists and dancers set light in motion, adding pageantry and spectacle.

  The 4 foot fish was made by
  Dylan & his dad and it was
  their first year at Luminara. 
  We use chicken wire
  (from a lumber yard), tissue
  paper, water & white school
  glue for our lanterns.

Visual artists of
all levels are
involved with Luminara Victoria. Beautiful hand-made lanterns and large-scale lantern-art displays (installations) are set among the trees, on the lakes and along the paths of Beacon Hill Park and St. Ann's Academy grounds. Musicians, stilt walkers, dancers and drummers liven up the atmosphere.

Luminara Victoria brings together people of all ages, lifestyles and cultures who, by the simple act of participation, become the festival itself. It's such a rare thing, to be surrounded by so many different people who, for a few hours at least, share a common bond formed by something so simple and universally pleasurable as a lighted lantern. It's a celebration of community that blends cultures and creates new traditions.


"We invite you to attend this year's Luminara Victoria on Saturday July 24th. Questions? Comments? Call the Inter-Cultural Association of Victoria at 388-4728 or visit the Luminara Victoria website."

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